Our Studio

The Goal

To provide people with a love for music
To assist people in understanding, creating and enjoying music

To work hard at providing a positive and nurturing environment for students to strive for their absolute best and be proud of their accomplishments

 To encourage students to practice, work independently and set goals to share their artistry through performance with each other, with their families and with their community.  



  • Adult Programs
  • Child Programs (Day hours available for home schoolers)
  • Registered with Toronto Conservatory of Music
  • Supporter of Local Music Festival and Recitals
  • Tailored lessons for students
  • Recording and Scorewriting technology
  • Annual Student Recital
  • Smaller pizza and play sessions



Lesson Inquiry

15 + 14 =

Be Yourself!

Classical Keys studio provides a warm and fun environment for children and adults to learn. Parents are welcome to sit in and explore songs and learn alongside their children. Time together with teacher, parents and instrument helps and encourages ideas, bringing pictures and music to life.

Be Daring!

Children are able and encouraged to further develop and share their work at studio recitals, pizza parties, church events, regional festivals/recitals and school talent shows.

Be Creative!

Write your own music. Record your piano piece to share. Make a ringtone. Create an electronic card or video.

Be a Team Member!

Try collaborative piano playing with a partner(s). Try a workshop, enjoy your recital and stay a little longer, listen and blog positive comments when encouraging each other.
Classical Keys studio is unique in keeping a team and community feel for children/adults and parents.